We provide an extensive range of training programmes to various schools with diverse requirements to educate the students about essential life skills and to attain academic excellence.

For schools, we have conducted the following training programmes:
! New:

English Literacy Programme for Primary Schools
English Literacy Programme for Secondary Schools

! Popular
Personal grooming
Sexuality Workshop

Life skills
- Anger management
- Character development
- Confidence building
- Dealing with stress
- Goal setting
- Money wise
- Personal grooming
- Recreational activities /
  Out reach plans
- Self awareness
- Sexuality awareness
- Social etiquette
- Study skills
Language and Literature - Drama
- Oral English
- Phonetics and Phonology
- Scriptwriting
- Theatre works

Arts and humanities
- Art and craft
- Calligraphy
- Creative game design
- Digital animation/Creative 3D animation
- Digital art
If your desired programme is not in the list, please feel free to contact us so that we will tailor a programme to suit your requirements and standards.
- Fun and innovative maths
- Heuristics maths
- Investigative maths
Language and Literature - Cell and molecular biology
- Electronic product design
- Forensic science
- Fundamentals of electronics
- Natural product chemistry
- Science enrichment programme
- Entrepreneurship/ Online
- Food innovation
- Hospitality
- Hairdressing
- Ketupat making
- Pastry making
- Silat
Others - Bridging Programme
- Community Involvement Programme
- Leadership skills
- Mathematics, Science and Arts trail in   the Singapore Zoological Gardens and   Singapore Changi Airport.
- National Education Heritage trail
- Public speaking skills