Teaching Philosophy
Elite believes that every individual is special and hence the learning abilities, learning curves and learning styles differs. It is with this strong rooted belief that we tailor our curriculum and teaching methodologies to cater to learners of different abilities.

Elite advocates the importance of Character Development. Hence we seek to integrate the development of core values within educational, social and professional life. Elite‚€™s Character Keys are :

1. Responsibility ‚€“ moral and personal responsibility, sound ethical and moral behavior
2. Integrity - capacity for courage and discipline
3. Empathy ‚€“ care and compassion for the world
4. Resilience ‚€“ the availability to ride out any storm

Elite views education as a moral activity which produces Servant-leaders for the community and the world through inculcating a healthy understanding of self and others that is reflected in relationships of interdependence and mutual accountability.

Elite aim to instill a life of Global Citizenship in all students by developing an awareness and concern for the well being of the human race and our planet. We hope to nurture students who will use this awareness and understanding to effect a positive change to the world.