Social Responsibility

One of our core values is Charity: our social responsibility to humanity. We at Elite are passionate and believe strongly about contributing towards society by ensuring that regardless of disabilities, all individuals have an equal opportunity to progress based on their talents and abilities.

Most of us take lifeā€™s many fundamental blessings for granted. Our ability to see, hear, talk or walk for instances, are many at times taken nonchalantly. However, countless others are ripped of these basic physical abilities through accidents.

Elite fervently believes that all these individuals must be given an equal chance and as such, within our company, we have employed many physically disabled individuals. Our team members are only physically incapacitated, however are, intelligent and competent to contribute to the smooth operation of Elite.

We sincerely trust that by allowing them to actively contribute to the daily operations of Elite, they can determine their self worth and rediscover their ambitions.