School Family Education (SFE Programme)
Elite€™s Involvement in SFE Programm

Every family functions as a learning environment, regardless of its income level, structure, or ethnic and cultural background. In this respect, every family has the potential to support and improve the academic achievement of its children. When parents hold high expectations for their children and encourage them to work hard, they support student success in school.

By our Empowering Family programme, Elite aims to highlight and promote the importance of building strong, resilient families amongst parents, children and the public in Singapore.

At the same time, the Elite aims to develop effective partnership with families to create a learning environment that welcomes parents and encourages them to raise questions and voice their concerns as well as to participate appropriately in decision making. With our track record in family life programme, Elite Business Sphere has the experience and expertise to plan, manage and organize Motivational & Inspiring programmes for families.
Our Parenting Workshops

€ Anger management
€ Communicating effectively with your children
€ Effective disciplinary strategies
€ Handling exam blues
€ Identifying signs of distress in your child
€ Managing peers
€ Nurturing bonds with your teens
€ Speaking in the language your child understands
€ Stress management
€ Understanding the psychological development of your child
€ Understanding your teens
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