Overseas Training

Elite€™s training packages are delivered through its International Unit. Elite set up partnership with overseas educational organisation to offer our training packages to companies and individuals in the comfort of their own country. We welcome collaboration with any foreign companies to market our programmes.

We also provided customized programmes and workshops to meet the specific need of overseas industries. Our Training workshops can be conducted in any location of the world. We have conducted workshops in Vietnam, China, Indonesia and USA. Some of our popular programmes include:

€ How to succeed in International Arena (Conducted in Mandarin and English)
€ Doing Business in China €“ The Culture and Etiquette (Conducted in English)
€ Preparing for relocation to Asia (Conducted in Mandarin and English)
€ Preparing for relocation to USA (Conducted in Mandarin and English)
€ Bringing your brand global (Conducted in Mandarin and English)
€ Customized Intercultural and Language Training for Staff and their families(Conducted in Mandarin and English)
€ Customer Service Excellence in China €“Dealing with foreigners (Conducted in Mandarin and English)
€ Projecting a professional corporate image (Conducted in Mandarin and English)

Please feel free to contact us if you require more information of the overseas delivery of our programme.