Customized Training

We provide customized training to schools to meet your specific requirements of your schools. We can tailor a programme to suit your preferences and standards. To date, we have conducted the following customized training programmes and our list expands everyday.
Arts and humanities
- Art and craft
- Calligraphy
- Creative game design
- Digital animation/Creative 3D animation
- Digital art
Language and Literature - Drama
- Oral English
- Phonetics and Phonology
- Scriptwriting
- Theatre works
- Fun and innovative maths
- Heuristics maths
- Investigative maths
Science - Cell and molecular biology
- Electronic product design
- Forensic science
- Fundamentals of electronics
- Natural product chemistry
- Science enrichment programme
- Entrepreneurship/ Online
- Food innovation
- Hospitality
- Hairdressing
- Ketupat making
- Pastry making
- Silat
Others - Bridging Programme
- Community Involvement Programme
- Leadership skills
- Mathematics, Science and Arts trail in   the Singapore Zoological Gardens and   Singapore Changi Airport.
- National Education Heritage trail
- Public speaking skills