Homestay Package for Foreign Students

Elite Homestay ensures that all students receive the most optimal learning environment and attention necessary to excel.

1. Full-board meals every day ( Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and one tea- break )
2. Free Wifi access
3. Air-Conditioning
4. Birthday celebrations
5. Laundry services
6. Sports weekend
7. Daily cleaning and housekeeping of rooms
8. Supervised studying time with experienced and qualified tutors
9. Television corner
10. Library and reading corner
11. On-site welfare guardians
12. Guardianship to schools
13. Sponsorship to ICA
14. Outings to place of interest
15. Arrangement of private tuition
16. Arrangement of transport to school
17. Assistance in preparing for school services such as buying uniforms, school essentials etc

Monthly Homestay Fee

The fee quoted below is subjected to a one year's contract